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On-Demand Photo Retouching

for E-Commerce and Catalogs

Experience of retouching 2 million+ photos

PixoPal has been the preferred partner for more than 800 customers making it the most trusted partner in the image post-production.
PixoPal is the new age talent and technology platform.
We work with art directors, photographers, bloggers, marketplace and online retailers to bring the imagery to life.

Pixopal Is More Than A Regular Photo Editing Agency, It’s A Platform.

Our clients come back to us for two main reasons – consistency in quality and predictability in turnaround time
As our clients have grown their businesses, we have scaled alongside them.

Professional Retouching

Looking to elevate your imagery with a professional photo retouching service?

E-Commerce Editing

Need to make your images as per e-commerce guidelines as painlessly as possible? Increase efficiency, not headaches.

Remove Background

Need to cut out the Subject from images? Scale up transparent image creation,clipping path, clipping masks and deep etching

Automation And API

 Does PixoPal have APIs for integration? Any interesting gizmos for free? Yes and Yes.

PixoPal: Among the fastest to turn around the images

Professional Retouching

Retouching with PixoPal is all about enabling the professional photographers, to scale up their own unique style of retouching with creative PALs.
With your own “creative PAL”, each image goes through curated retouchers ecosystem, following the quality check and final retouching by the ‘creative PAL’.

  • Non destrucive retouching, delivered as TIFF, PSD

  • Multiple group of layers for masking, dodge and burn, color correction

  • Benefits Photographers, Art Directors, Catalog producers and niche E-Commerce brands

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E-Commerce Editing

PixoPal professionally edits your product photos for all e-commerece platforms and marketplaces.

  • Methodical editing and technology-assisted layout, compliant with E-Commerce guidelines are the hallmarks of our service

  • Benefits retailers, brands,e-commerce marketplaces and professional studios

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Remove Background

Remove background service at PixoPal is an amalgation of services like background burner, multiple clipping path, photo masking, deep-etching, making background transparent or white or grey or any other #rrggbb color

  • 10 Photos per day – check

  • 100 photos per day – check!

  • 1000 photos per day – double check!

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Automation and API

Modern technology stack drives the core at Pixopal, helping customers to rapidly finalize their images while enabling professional photoshop freelance talents to execute their work faster and better.

  • APIs to integrate third-party applications with our unique image processing service

  • Shopify plugin from Pixopal gets your photos retouched seamlessly

  • Our automated background removal tool leverages the latest of Machine learning and Computer Vision

  • Image Bundle is a tool to enable the power of combination to retailers, with a single click

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Customers From Around The Globe

“We believe that a good, lasting brand, has a unique story to tell, and you can’t do that with mediocre images.”

Timothy Hogan

Award Winning Photographer

“Working with Pixopal has helped my workflow. They are always available, respond quick, offer suggestion and are very dependable. Grateful they are on my team!”

Toni Zernik

Freelance Photographer

“We use pixopal all the time at ! They improve our efficiency and the quality of our images with short turn around time; ultimately increasing our customer goodwill”

Raj Shetey