On-Demand Photo Editing Platform

About PixoPal:

PixoPal is a leading photo retouching-as-a-service platform. PixoPal specializes in retouching images of products, fashion, jewelry, furniture, and real-estate. The platform is designed for consistency and fast turnaround. PixoPal currently provides product photo retouching services to one of the world’s top five apparel brands, a top ten still-life photographer, and a number of e-commerce retailers and product, real-estate, and headshot photographers

PixoPal differentiates itself from other retouching agencies because of its unique approach of splitting the retouching process into objective and subjective steps. The goal is to increase consistency at scale while adhering to the client’s specific retouching style.

I am sharing a few examples to demonstrate our highly-organized, non-destructive retouching approach:

(1) Apparel: Liquify And Soften, (2) RealEstate: Remove Elements, (3) Sunglasses: High-End Retouching in Layers

Key Points:

  • Non-Destructive Retouching Process:Highly organized layer structure is shared as a TIFF file
  • Objective Retouching:Photoshop professional prepares the image with masking, stamping, and liquify techniques as per the markups and guideline documents
  • Subjective Retouching:A dedicated retoucher performs client-specific retouching for image finalization and consistency
  • India Based Production Team:To optimize cost and provide scalability while maintaining retouching quality
  • Proprietary Technology Platform:To manage the workflow and experiment with tools like automated background removal, bundle creation and Shopify plugins

Even If you already have someone retouching your photos, PixoPal is great for supplementing those efforts and creating alternatives.

PixoPal’s clients include one of the world’s top five apparel brands, a globally renowned, top ten, still-life photographer by the name of Timothy Hogan, and many product, real-estate and headshot photographers.

Please let me know how we can have the opportunity to work with you.

Alternatively, please take a look at our portfolio page and get started here for a free trial.

Retouching Elements and Work Examples

Vocabulary of Retouching

  • Remove all spots
  • Alpha channel masking for each element – dress, skin
  • Background retouch or extension
  • Floor retouch or extension
  • Reflection removal
  • Shadows
  • Remove brand logos
  • Straighten edge Lines
  • 3D Mannequin / Ghost
  • Crease reduction, crease removal
  • Match shape
  • Swatch match
  • Liquify dress / bags / packaging
  • Model – remove tattoos
  • Model – reduce veins
  • Headshot retouching

Reference TIFF file