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PixoPal specializes in retouching images of premium products, fashion photography, jewelry photography, furnishing and still life. Our esteemed clientele includes a global top five apparel brand, some of the world’s topmost product photographers, and e-commerce photo studios.

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How PixoPal approaches E-commerce Photo Editing?

PixoPal’s creative team has specialist designers who channel their skills, talent, and creativity in enhancing e-commerce photos into sales-generating images. Remove an imperfect backdrop of your subject and make it simple white or any other color, helps the product stand-out among the peers.

Some of the most common things requested in an e-commerce product photo editing are: Removal or Clipping out of the cluttered background, Removal of dust and scratches, Straightening of the product, Color correction, Removal of supporting objects like stands, hooks, glue, tape, and strings. Other things to consider are adding shadows, making uniform alignment with equal margins, and background color of choice.

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Features of the PixoPal

Shadow: Do You Want Your Product to Look More Realistic? Add a Shadow!

Natural looking product shadows are able to subtly enhance images, which provide a differentiated feel to your product, leading to more sales and a premium positioning!

Drop Shadow

Manual Drop Shadow


Mirror Black

Mirror White

Natural Raw Shadow


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Background: What Color Do You Want? Red, Grey, Blue, or White?

You can change the background of your product photos to the color of your choice!

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Canvas Size: Choose from 4:3, 1:1 or 3:4

A particular choice of canvas to position your product increases the consistency of the store’s layout, thus improving your brand positioning among your peers




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Margin: Vertical Margin for the products with the height more than the width

Consistent margins increase the consistency of the store’s layout, thus improving your brand positioning among your peers




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Margin: Horizontal

Consistent margins increase the consistency of the store’s layout, thus improving your brand positioning among your peers




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Alignment: Random Vs Center or Top or Bottom align

A random alignment of product images on the store presents a cluttered organization. Strict adherence to the alignment guideline presents a neat shelve for your online store


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We believe that a good, lasting brand, has a unique story to tell, and you can’t do that with mediocre images.

Timothy Hogan

Award Winning Photographer

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Working with Pixopal has helped my workflow. They are always available, respond quick, offer suggestion and are very dependable. Grateful they are on my team!

Tony Zernik

Freelance Photographer

Increased our efficiency and quality

We use pixopal all the time at! They improve our efficiency and the quality of our images with short turnaround time.

Raj Shetey

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