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About the Client:Popular Australian e-commerce store brings the hottest sauces from around the globe to its subscribers! Over the last 2 years, ChilliBOM has delivered thousands of bottles of hot sauce to its highly loyal members! With their incredible support, ChilliBOM continues to bring the spiciest and most unique flavors to its audience.

Rodney, Founder ChilliBOM

It started with a simple Tabasco obsession. Then it got a little weird.

Share with us how it all started at ChilliBOM?
We are huge fans of hot chili sauces and have been collecting chili sauces from around the world. About three years ago, after gifting some of our discovered sauces to our friends and seeing their eyes light up with surprise, we decided that this could work as a business! Since then it’s been a really fun journey to build our platform and bring the best of what the world has to offer to our Australian audience.

What challenges are you trying to overcome with PixoPal?
The main challenge is creating visually consistent images that are brilliantly edited, fit into our process and create high brand awareness for ChilliBOM. That’s why we are happy to work with PixoPal; the onboarding team is very professional, and the quality of production has consistently amazed us.

Why did you choose to work with PixoPal?
Our website offers a massive variety of sauces and their variations, which are often only available for a limited time. We also have many new products added weekly to our ever-expanding range. These products need to be presented to our customers in the most crystalline, high-quality image possible, and PixoPal hits the nail on the head every time!
We sought a post-production partner that could deliver on time, with consistency and high attention to detail. We operate on short deadlines for producing product imagery, and a reliable partner was absolutely critical to achieving a practical relationship.
When we came across PixoPal, we were impressed by their professional engagement, respect for your needs, attention to detail, and transparency in their communication with potential clients without any bias of engagement size.

Quote “PixoPal works its magic on the images and makes them standout exactly the way we want.

What are the key results you have achieved in your business since using PixoPal?

PixoPal has helped us present our brand in a premium way. We are seeing an increase in time spent per session by online visitors. In the last 6 months alone, our subscriptions have increased by 38%. With image post-production taken care of, we are now surer of our go-to-market timelines and are able to invest more of our time on our customers.
We see PixoPal as a long-term partner that can handle our post-production needs so that we can focus on other areas of our online business.

How is the process of image exchange working out?
We launch new sauces every week. Once a new batch of chili sauces reaches the store, we take the pictures from varying viewpoints. For us, it makes a lot of sense to have all images look the same. Once the shoot is completed and organized by the category. Images in the same structure get uploaded to google drive, which is shared with PixoPal. PixoPal has an automated script to pull the images in a given directory structure, and they give us the retouched files back using the same structure! This is very convenient, as we do not have to keep creating new projects and remember which images went into which project, only to download them and reorganize them. It saves us tons of time.

Would you recommend PixoPal?
Without any question! We continuously get compliments for our photos from our customers and peers. The PixoPal team has displayed an exceptional amount of care and attention to even the finest details, and we feel like a valued client. They’ve definitely exceeded our expectations and the arrangement continues to make our workday smoother and more flexible.