Set up the studio for product photography

When you think of a photography studio, you probably think of a large space filled with white walls. It’s a very basic setup that you have to fill with your imagination. Product photography doesn’t require this kind of setup, however.

For good product photography, you need proper lighting, a dynamic background, and very little space. To be honest, there is nothing magical about going to a studio. You spend money to rent the place. You plug in your gear at the start of the day and you unplug when you’re done.
The best setup for product photography can be done in an at home, scrappy, do-it-yourself studio!

What you need:

  • Roll of black background paper
  • Non-reflective black cardboard
  • Clamps to hold the cardboard in place
  • Light stands
  • Standard flash reflector hood
  • Tripod
  • Color Filters

Hopefully, the above list of equipment is easy for you to put together – in order to produce a high-quality product picture please read, How to Use a Light Tent for Small Product Photography By Katie McEnaney here


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