As I pen this piece, PixoPal is well on its way to establishing itself as a global operation-as-a-service platform for photo editing. It has also been earning recognition and accolades as a pioneering talent-as-a-service platform, which is completely driven by the talent and zeal of the global freelancing community. At this juncture, when I look back at the vision what we call PixoPal today, I am unable to believe how far we have come today and of the immense possibilities that the future still holds.



Starting at the Beginning

PixoPal was conceptualized in 2015 when a team of e-commerce professionals found that the biggest challenge most e-commerce vendors and photo-studios faced had to do with the time of editing their product images. We found that while the demand for quality photos was growing by leaps and bounds, this demand was often sporadic, especially for the consumer goods and fashion apparel sectors that follow season-dictated product cycles. This made hiring a full-time photo editing staff unviable for most vendors and for photo-studios. On the other hand, while freelance talent was available abundantly, vendors and business owners were still concerned that hiring freelance talent meant introducing variations in the quality of the final photographs. There was also the pervasive notion that these photo editors were unprofessional and inadequately trained.

A Picture-Perfect Solution

This led us to arrive at PixoPal, a comprehensive editing service that would provide e-commerce companies, fashion houses, and other clients a reliable, cost-effective means to create compelling visual imagery. This, in turn, would empower them to better market their brand and boost their bottom lines.
PixoPal is a revolutionary photo-editing platform that connects business owners and marketers with freelance editing talent, in order to edit a high volume of images in just a few hours. Powering PixoPal is a pool of more than 500+ freelance photo editors, who work around the clock to meet the exacting expectations of our clients. Our service applies principles of automation and LEAN business to further improve the productivity and throughput of our photo editors. For business owners, photo studios and marketing managers, PixoPal offers a secure channel to leverage the talent of freelance photo editors, while mitigating risks pertaining to the quality and efficiency of their services.

The Best of Both Worlds

Through PixoPal, we offer freelance photo editors a reliable platform to tap the burgeoning demand for their services and to explore and develop their talent and skills while also boosting their income. Today, freelancers are PixoPal’s USP and they help us to serve a number of clients around the world. Through PixoPal, we offer freelance photo editors the means to find their rightful place in the business ecosystem and benefit from the global economy.
Going forward, we hope to establish PixoPal as the platform of choice to meet the image editing needs of our customers.