Outsourcing Company or A Freelancer: Why PixoPal Loves Freelancers?

Many a time, as a client, you often land up in a dilemma in which you cannot decide if you should hire an outsourcing company for the betterment of your business or not. Sometimes, you face a lot of problems with timelines and you can’t decide if you really need that particular outsourcing company or not, or can that work be done in-house, or do you need freelancers?

Freelancers – the term which has recently popped out in today’s business environment – are individuals who work from home, coffee shop, parks, you name it. Freelancers, though casual, work as a professional and work really hard to deliver what you have been expecting from them.
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Outsourcing companies – some established and some start-ups – with graffitis on their walls, bottles of beers laying on the side table, and a bunch of creative staff may promise you to deliver the creative content and perfectly edited images which your client has been expecting from your company but, believe me, however creative they may say they are but they still work from their offices, meet limited sets of people.
While freelancers work from wherever they want to work, they meet a lot of new people in the pursuit of their work. Freelancers work from the perspective of a client who is creative and drafts your project in such a way that your company gets an adjective of awesome-sauce.
Why are Freelancers better than Outsourcing Companies?

PixoPal’s community of freelance photo-editors

The very first thing which a company sees while planning their project is the budget. Outsourcing companies are said to be cost-effective when it comes to the in-house team. But freelancers are very cost effective and deliver their tasks on time. You will not have to struggle to meet deadlines.
Freelancers know what is expected of them and they work according to that only. Having worked for more than just your company, freelancers get a global look at every work they do.
There isn’t just one thing; there are many things which make us love freelancers more!


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