How to resize images

//How to resize images

Not all of our images are the exact size we need them to be, so it’s important to understand how to properly resize an image and how resizing works. When an image is resized, its pixel information is changed. For example, an image is reduced in size, any unneeded pixel information will be discarded by the photo editor.

changing the size at which the image will print without changing the number of pixels in the image—instead, the pixels are printed further apart or closer together. Resizing (scaling) an image will not affect screen display.

Software For Resize the image

Light Image Resizer

It is a is a simple bulk image resizer freeware. Its simple and beautiful interface makes it quite easy to use. It also adds an option “Light Image Resizer” in the context menu.


ImageMagick is an image editing freeware that lets you bulk resize images using the command prompt.

Free Image Converter

It is a simple bulk image converter freeware which can also be used to resize bulk images quite easily.


Pixopal is a technology driven, high volume Professional Photo Retouching service provider. which is the perfect match for the Photoshop and other photo editing software Which focus on removal of background, spots, and wrinkles from your images for e-commerce, classifieds, fashion, jewelry, and portraits.

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