5 Essential Photoshop Tools to Enhance Image Quality

Today, in this blog post, we will be presenting five essential Photoshop tools that you can use to enhance the quality of your images.
Imagine the following: you are shooting photos for your next photography project, for your e-commerce product listing or for your own blog. You click some amazing pictures which look amazing in the viewfinder but less so on the computer, where you notice that something is really off about the image. You zoom in, and you find out that there are blemishes, blurs, dust and other artifacts.

Essential Photoshop Tools


  • Sharpen Tool

To bring more definition to fuzzy and blurry areas of your photograph, select the sharpen Photoshop tool in the toolbar and click on the areas of the photo that you’d like to enhance.

  • Dodge Tool

When portions of your photos are overexposed in some areas and underexposed in others, you may end up with a blown out photo if you increase the brightness manually. In this case, select the dodge Photoshop tool and click on the underexposed areas.

  • Crop and Straightening Tool

It is essential for the photographer to position the object and camera in the right manner so that the image is neither crooked nor off-center. The crop and straighten Photoshop tools can help re-position the objects and the photograph.

  • Spot Healing Brush

This Photoshop tool is an essential one for photographers who shoot models for e-commerce or landscapes for magazines. Photographs inevitably end up with some blemishes and subjects end up with wrinkles – even after editing with so many other tools! By using the Spot Healing Brush, you can remove these artifacts very easily.

  • Marquee and Lasso Tool

The Marquee and Lasso Photoshop tools can be used to crop your images into circles, squares or other fun shapes!


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