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Apparel Editing

Editing process performed on raw digital apparel images, Apparel Editing, is one of the most celebrated services in the e-commerce industry which leads to the production of quality digital images which in turn increase the sales of any apparel store.


Ghost Mannequin

Products which are shaped well sell more. With this service, remove mannequin from original images and sell the product in all its natural shape, without any distraction of body.

Crease Reduction

Bane of product photographers, stylists, and retouchers, Creases reduce the quality of your product photography by almost 50 percent. Remove all the creases (except for the intentional ones) in the post production and sell the crisp products online.


Shape Enhancement

Reshape all the factors like sticking, bunching, gathering of the garment at the waist, hem and cuff flaring; and create an image that perfectly fits the wearer.

Reflection Shadow

Reflection Shadow, when done well, can give your product images a slick professional look. This retouching service allows you to remove the original background from product image, clean up the product, and retain the original reflection.


Automotive Retouching

Use the USP of Pixopal, Machine Learning, to enhance the sales of your products by adding a background of choice that looks both attractive and professional.